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by Dallas Theological Seminary on January 1, 2005 in None

Dr. Aubrey M. Malphurs, Jun 30 Leadership Conference, Evangelical Free Church, Pittsburg, PA;
Dr. Stanley D. Toussaint, Jul 9–16 Bible Conference, Word of Life, Schroon Lake, NY; Aug 14–19 Bible Conference, America’s Keswick, Whiting, NJ.

Dr. Mark L. Bailey, Sep 11 Bayside Community Church, Tampa, FL.

Dr. Mark L. Bailey, Aug 6–7 Cedar Falls Bible Conference, Waterloo, IA. 

Dr. Mark L. Bailey, Jun 5–11 Pine Cove Family Camp, Tyler, TX; Aug 14 Fellowship Bible Church NWA, Lowell, AR;
Dr. Michael S. Lawson, Jun 9 Commencement Speaker, Rainbow Days, Dallas, TX;
Dr. Ramesh P. Richard, Jun 5–26 Global Proclamation Academy, RREACH International, Dallas, TX;
Dr. Stanley D. Toussaint, Jun 12–18 Pine Cove (The Bluffs), Family Conference, Tyler, TX.

Dr. Mark L. Bailey, Jul 31–Aug 6 DTS Mt. Hermon Conference, Mt. Hermon, CA; Aug 28 Palmcroft Bible Church, Phoenix, AZ;
Dr. J. Ronald Blue, Jul 30–Aug 6 Horn Creek Bible Conference, Horn Creek, CO;
Dr. Stephen J. Bramer, Jul 30–Aug 6 Family Camp, Horn Creek, CO;
Dr. Thomas L. Constable, Jul 17–20 Bible Conference, Mountain Community Church, Lake George, CO;
Dr. Stanley D. Toussaint, Jun 20–26 Bible Conference, Paipala Church, Wailuku, Maui, HI; Jul 31–Aug 6 DTS Mt. Hermon Conference, Mt. Hermon Conference, Mt Hermon, CA.

Dr. Mark L. Bailey, July 10–17 DTS 80th Anniversary Cruise, CARIBBEAN;
Dr. Howard Hendricks July 24-29 40th anniversary, Seminario Biblico Palavra da Vida, Atibaia, San Paulo BRAZIL;
Dr. Stanley D. Toussaint, Jul 23–30 Bible Conference, Fair Havens Conference, Beaverton, Ontario, CANADA.