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What Can Be Found in LOST? Insights on God and the Meaning of Life from the Popular TV Series
Dr. John Ankerberg and Dillon Burroughs (ThM, 2002)

Before the Thunder Rolls: Devotions for NASCAR Fans
Dale Beaver (ThM, 1994)

When the Bluebonnets Come (fiction)
John J. Dwyer (MA[BS], 1991)

Surviving Toxic Leaders: How to Work for Flawed People in Churches, Schools, and Christian Organizations
Dr. Kenneth Gangel, distinguished professor emeritus of Christian Education

The Next Level: Finding Your Place in Life (novella)
David Gregory (Greg Smith, MA/CE, 2001)

Signs of Life: Back to the Basics of Authentic Christianity
Dr. David Jeremiah (ThM, 1967)

Slandering Jesus
Dr. Erwin Lutzer (ThM, 1967)

Northern Storm Rising: Russia, Iran, and the Emerging End Times Military Coalition against Israel
Dr. Ron Rhodes (ThM, 1983; ThD, 1986)

The Dispensational-Covenantal Rift: Studies in Evangelical History and Thought
Dr. R. Todd Mangum (MA[BS], 1988; PhD, 2001)

Jesus: The Greatest Life of All
Dr. Charles Swindoll (CTh, 1963)

Screams in the Desert: Hope and Humor for Women in Cross-Cultural Ministry
Sue Eenigenburg (Donald, ThM, 1985)