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The Perfect Leader: Practicing the Leadership Traits of God
Kenneth Boa (ThM, 1972)

How to Lead and Still Have a Life
Dr. Dale Burke (ThM, 1979)

Coffee Cup Bible Series: Mocha on the Mount
Sandra Glahn (ThM, 2001)

Coffee Cup Bible Series: Solomon Latte
Sandra Glahn (ThM, 2001)

The Devoted Life
Kelly M. Kapic and Dr. Randall Gleason (PhD, 1992)

A Day with a Perfect Stranger
David Gregory (Greg Smith, MA/CE, 2001)

Could the Rapture Occur Today?
Mark Hitchcock (ThM, 1991; PhD, 2006)

What the Bible Says about Heaven and Eternity
Dr. Thomas Ice (ThM, 1981) and Dr. Timothy Demy (ThM, 1981; ThD, 1990)

Real Stuff: A Survivor’s Guide
Heather Jamison (MA[BS], 1996); Brian Jamison (MA[BS], 1998); Henry J. Rogers (DTS President’s Council member)

Conversations with Jesus
Dr. Calvin Miller (adjunct faculty, DMin program)

Pastor-Driven Stewardship
Rod Rogers (ThM, 1984)

Two-Minute Messages for Communion Celebration
Dr. Jim Townsend (ThM, 1970)

Gold and Dross: A Christian Perspective on Fifteen World-Class Writers
Dr. Jim Townsend (ThM, 1970)

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