Naima Imani Lett
Naima is a professional actor, writer, and speaker. She has performed several solo dramas, including her signature play Shattered Silhouettes, in theaters, universities, conferences, and houses of worship nationwide in addition to speaking and teaching. For several years she was an artist for Fellowship for the Performing Arts, a dynamic ministry founded by Max McLean to present the Bible through the performing arts.

Naima received her Bachelor of Fine Arts as a top graduate of Howard University’s Theatre department, continued her theatrical career at the Tony Award-winning Crossroads Theatre, and studied classical theater with the British-American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. She is the first graduate with a master’s degree in media and communications (MA/MC, 2005) from Dallas Theological Seminary. Naima is married to the love of her life, Kevin, and they make their home in the Dallas metropolitan area.

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