The Story of Christian Spirituality: Two Thousand Years, from East to West

Gordon Mursell, editor Lion UK, Minneapolis January 26, 2001

Facing the uncertainties of the third millennium, Christian thinkers are taking inventory of the preceding two thousand years of theological developments and strategies. The contributors to Mursell’s work offer an excellent introduction to this task for Christian spirituality. Ten chapters survey major epochs, each chapter providing a basic orientation to the period followed by a chronological survey of major approaches and the contribution of key individuals. Sidebars and full-color illustrations supplement each discussion. Endnotes reference primary sources and a bibliography of further reading completes each chapter. A general index of subjects allows access to specific contents across the various sections.

The coverage is remarkable for its geographical and chronological breadth, addressing accurately the teachings and practice of the early church fathers, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon churches, the Medieval West, Eastern Christian, Russian, Protestant, Catholic, Anglican, American Protestant, and twentieth-century traditions of Christian spirituality. The work navigates a fine line between a historical survey and a reference dictionary, its discussions truly “introductory” rather than comprehensive within the available space. It will serve pastors, students, and libraries as a primer for the study of Christian spirituality, whether as the first steps in the pursuit or as a means to place more specific discussions in the larger context.

—Timothy J. Ralston

July 1, 2004

Biblotheca Sacra

This review appeared in the Jul-Sep 2004 vol. 161 no. 3 issue of Biblotheca Sacra, DTS’s quarterly academic journal.

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