Lord, I Feel So Small: Using God’s Yardstick to Conquer Self-Doubt

Jon Drury WinePress Publishing, Enumclaw, WA December 22, 2010

Pastor of Adults at Redwood Chapel Community Church (Castro Valley, California), Jon Drury (DTS, 1976) writes to address the believer’s personal insecurities and struggles for significance. A director of Christian Writers Conferences, the author has penned over 320 articles and devotionals.

In Lord, I Feel So Small, Drury speaks from a pastor’s heart through his own experiences and those of the many with whom he counsels. Divided into six sections, the work begins with “Crafting the Foundation,” that is, how to revision one’s sense of inadequacy from God’s perspective. He then addresses “Feelings That Immobilize Us,” “The Flesh That Hinders Us,” “Externals That Frustrate Us,” “Experiences That Hamper Us,” and “Rebuilding from Smallness.”

In well-honed prose, Drury disarms the reader by recounting his own debilitating feelings of inadequacy—as a child, military pilot, seminary student, and pastor. Yet the author’s transparency through years of self-doubt encourages readers to embrace “a life of rock-solid confidence in God, and their life mission under His call” (jondrury.com/page3.php). In short, thought-provoking chapters, the book guides the reader through biblical steps to a fullness of living. If the bibliography is somewhat dated, the truths are not. Each of the twenty chapters concludes with questions for personal application suitable for either teaching in groups or individual contemplation. The book is highly recommended.

—J. Scott Horrell

October 1, 2012

Biblotheca Sacra

This review appeared in the Oct-Dec 2012 vol. 169 no. 4 issue of Biblotheca Sacra, DTS’s quarterly academic journal.

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