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Kerygma Announcements
Winter 2015 & Spring 2016 Registration
Winter 2015 & Spring 2016 Registration

Registration for the Winter 2015 and Spring 2016 sessions will be open Monday, October 5th to Friday, October 23rd. To avoid a late registration fee, student's are encouraged to register for at least one class in each session they might be enrolled. Schedule changes can be made without penalty, before the respective payment deadlines.

For more information please visit, the Registrar's page at

Or call 214-887-5350, or 1-800-387-9673 Ext. 5350

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Student Services

Whether it’s social events, ongoing conversation, campus involvement, or crisis counseling, the Student Services department always has an open door and a listening ear. Come on in!

Campus Services

Book Center

M-F 8:30 am–5:30 pm

Luke's Ministries

Wednesday's 9:00 am-Noon

Housing Department

M-Fri 8:00 am–4:30 pm

Dining Commons

T-Th 11:00 am–1:00 pm