Student Accounts

When you register for classes (add credit hours), this creates charges on your DTS Student account. View the current tuition and fee rates. For a more detailed description of the fees, please see section 3.2 of the DTS Student Handbook.

When you unregister for classes (drop credit hours), this creates credits on your DTS Student account.

The difference between your charges less credits, payments, scholarships, loans, etc. equals the amount you owe on your DTS student account:

  Registered Credit Hours (Charges)
- Dropped Credit Hours
- Payments, Scholarships, Direct Loans, Etc.
= Balance Due on DTS Student Account

Student Account Statement

Your student account statement can be found on CampusNet under Your Info. Your student account statement will show student account transactions that have occurred between a defined set of dates. To view your complete student account statement showing all transactions since you began your studies at DTS, you will want to click on Get Complete Statement.

Estimated Bill

The Estimated Bill will not show prior charges, credits, and payments so always check your Student Account Statement for your actual balance on your DTS student account.

Automatic Email of Activity

You will receive an automatic email every Monday morning if your DTS student account had activity on it during the prior week. This is our way of keeping you informed of activity happening on your student account. You may also receive emails from the DTS Bursar periodically throughout the semester.


Warnings called HOLDS on your DTS student account may prevent you from accomplishing a specific task such as registering for your next semester. When you see a HOLD on your account, please contact the appropriate department to determine what action you must take to have the hold removed.

Delinquent Student Account

As a DTS student, you are the one responsible for your student account to continue on a current account status and not become delinquent. Your student account becomes delinquent when an outstanding balance exists. Should your student account become delinquent, a financial hold (SFO or ACCT) will be placed on your student account.

Notices are sent from the DTS Bursar/Student accounts to students with delinquent accounts by email and also by letter. If a final notice is sent to the student and no response from the student is received by the DTS Bursar/Student Account Office, the delinquent student account will be sent to collections and may affect the student’s credit rating.


When you drop credit hours, you may receive a credit of tuition and fees to your DTS student account according to the refund schedule. Once the credit is posted to your student account, the credit may:

  • remain on your account to be used for a future semester
    Note: This will automatically happen unless a refund request is received to refund the funds off the account. Exception: Direct Loan excess is automatically refunded to the student.
  • adjust your TMS payment plan to reduce your monthly payments
  • be returned to your third party support or other tuition assistance
  • be given to you, if no restrictions apply, in the form of direct deposit or a paper check

Refund Request

You may request a refund by replying to the automatic email you receive on a Monday morning or by emailing

Direct Deposit Enrollment

DTS highly encourages all students to enroll in direct deposit. The funds will be deposited in your bank account on Friday of the same week. Enroll in Direct Deposit.

Book Center Transfers

Should you want all or a portion of your TMS budget, direct loan “pending aid” disbursement, or your credit balance on your student account transferred over to the DTS Bookcenter, please email with your transfer request and the amount you want transferred over to the DTS Bookcenter.


Please direct your questions to the DTS Bursar by emailing or by calling 214-887-5086. The Bursar’s office is located on the first floor of Walvoord in the DTS Advising Center.