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Student Council

The DTS Student Council exists to enhance student life on campus. We accomplish this by putting together all student-led activities, by functioning as a platform for new ideas, by seeking to involve students in world evangelization, by encouraging spiritual life and fellowship on campus, and by addressing areas of concern for student life.

Traditionally, Student Councils have engaged the student body through social events and chapel services. In addition to hosting the Welcome Dinners to connect new students at the start of the Fall and Spring semesters, the Student Council is responsible for hosting two chapels each semester. Student Council members have also represented the student body by teaming with DTS Faculty and Administration on a variety of special projects and meetings.

Student Council logo

2015-16 Council

Dr. Robert Garippa
Social Media
Raimie Bateman
Student Council President
Jazmine Sanchez
VP for Academic Affairs
Michele Kappas
VP for Advancement
Mark Arve
VP for Business & Finance
Inna Gritsak
VP for Student Services
Chad Rosell
Spiritual Life Board