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Lunch & Learn: Internships, RS102/103
Lunch & Learn: Internships, RS102/103

Saturday, Feb. 18th, 2017 // 12-1pm

Curious about Internships? Concerned about RS102/103?

Bring your lunch & come learn answers to your questions, like:

Where and when do I start my Internship? How long will it take?

How do I find a Ministry Mentor for my Internship?

What are the expecations for my RS102/103 paper?

When do I start writing...and about what?!

Plan to join Chong-Ae Shah, Spiritual and Ministry Formation Fellow for DTS-DC (Internships), and Dr. Josh Bleeker, Director of DTS-DC (RS102/103), for an informal conversation about next steps.

The Lunch & Learn will be hosted in the DTS Room 216 at DTS-DC.

102: Research and Writing with Logos (Online)
103: Logos Tools for Hebrew and Greek (Online)
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