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4.1.4 Conduct and Appearance

The Seminary recognizes the freedom of each student to develop personal standards under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. However, since people in the community recognize students at the Seminary as Christian leaders, certain exemplary standards of conduct and appearance are to govern the student body (Rom. 14:21–22). Therefore the use of tobacco and any of its electronic substitutes, and the use of alcoholic beverages, except for liturgical, ceremonial, medicinal, or other exceptional instances, are not considered suitable for the Seminary faculty, staff, and students, all of whom are expected to abide by this standard.

The appearance of seminary students while on campus is expected to reflect Christian modesty, maturity, discretion, and respect. Additionally, students are expected, while in classes and chapel, to dress with neatness and cleanliness following the standards as defined by Dallas Theological Seminary.

A fuller definition of this policy may be obtained from Student Services at

4.2.2 Chapel Attendance Requirements: Dallas Campus

All Dallas campus daytime students (full-time or part-time) who are enrolled in a degree or certificate program, except DMin and PhD students, are required to attend chapel based on the number of days they attend daytime classes (7:45 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.) Tuesday through Friday. (See Section 4.2.3 “Required Chapel Sessions” below.) The table is based on approximately sixty chapel sessions available each semester. Attendance implies more than “showing up and studying or reading” or “walking in and walking back out.” Attendance/participation in the DTS Music Ensembles counts for chapel credit on days of rehearsal.

4.2.3 Required Chapel Sections

Days per week in class Total chapel requirement per semester
4 40 chapels
3 30 chapels
2 20 chapels
1 10 chapels

4.2.4 Chapel Attendance Requirement: Non-Dallas Campus Students

All students who are enrolled in Monday-only classes, evening-only classes (starting after 4:30 p.m.), weekend-only classes, online-only classes, or extension students have an online requirement of ten chapels per semester (see Section 4.2.5 of this handbook for acceptable media).

4.2.5 Acceptable Chapel Media

All students enrolled in daytime classes on the Dallas campus will attend chapel services in person and are not permitted to count online chapels toward their attendance requirement. Only students who attend Monday-only classes, eveningonly classes, weekend-only classes, online-only classes, or extension-site classes are permitted to count online chapels toward their requirement. These chapels are posted on the Seminary’s website and can be viewed online in a streaming video format or downloaded in podcast format. Either the video format or the audio-only format is acceptable, but in order to count toward the chapel requirement, the chapel message must be from the current semester.

4.2.6 World Evangelization Conference (WEC)

A special week in the spring semester is devoted to world missions. Attendance is required for the spring World Evangelization Conference for at least two full days involving all regular sessions scheduled between 8 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.. on the attended days or at least five individual sessions throughout the week. This is in addition to the regular chapel requirements for the semester.

All students enrolled in Monday-only classes, evening-only classes (starting after 4:30 p.m.), weekend-only classes, online-only classes, or extension-site classes have an online requirement of two WEC sessions. (See 4.2.5 for acceptable media.)