Registration for the next SuperWeek will open on February 1, 2017.

Why Come to SuperWeek?

SuperWeek allows you to complete up to six hours of residency in a single week, or twelve hours of residency in two weeks!

What is a SuperWeek?

DTS has designed this special breed of Online and Distance Education course that we call SuperWeek. It’s a course format that utilizes everything you’re already accustomed to in a typical online course, but it includes an intense face-to-face instruction and interaction component.


Upcoming Courses

Please note: SuperWeek courses cannot be completed in one week; they are full-semester length ( May 15-Aug 4) hybrid courses with weeklong intensives (June 12-16 & June 19-23).

Week One

BE 104 OT Prophets
(Pre-/Co- Requisite BE101 & BE103)

Taught by Dr. Stephen J. Bramer
Course description

Syllabus will be available closer to the Summer 2017 semester start date.

ST104 Soteriology
(Pre-/Co- Requisite ST101)

Taught by Dr. Glenn R. Kreider
Course description
Course syllabus


Week Two

BE106 Acts & Pauline Epistles
(Pre-/Co- Requisite BE101 & BE105)

Taught by Dr. Stanley D. Toussaint
Course description

Syllabus will be available closer to the Summer 2017 semester start date.

ST105 Sanctification & Ecclesiology
(Pre-/Co- Requisite ST101)

Taught by Dr. Michael J. Svigel
Course description
Course syllabus



Do I have to take both classes each week?

SuperWeek students are required either to take both courses for credit or take one course for credit while auditing the other course. Note: if you have not already completed a course, you are not allowed to audit. You must take the course for credit.

Due to the nature of these courses, DTS students who are auditing a course will need to prepare (minimally) for the audited course before coming to campus.

How do I register?
  1. Complete the SuperWeek registration form.
  2. Registered SuperWeek students (those who completed the SuperWeek registration form) will be added to courses automatically when semester registration officially opens. At that time the full cost of SuperWeek (tuition, fees, and meal package) will be billed to their account.
  3. Payment can be made to one's account at any time before April 21, 2017, which is the payment deadline for all summer courses. Payment arrangements can be made through Tuition Management Systems (TMS).
Will I have to do any course work before I come to Dallas and after I return home?

Yes. These courses have pre- and post- course work that will span the entire semester (May 15-Aug 4). To learn more about a SuperWeek course or to preview a course syllabus, please see the Courses page

Is there a schedule for the week?

As we get closer to the SuperWeek dates, the schedule for the intensive component (June 12-16 & June 19-23) will be posted hereNote: We blocked the 17th and 24th off for your travel back home. There are no events scheduled these days.

What is the registration deadline for SuperWeek?

SuperWeek registration deadlines are the same as all other Summer 2017 courses. Please refer to the Registration schedule at:


Who can participate in a SuperWeek?

Priority will be given to mobile and distance education students, because SuperWeek was designed for the mobile MA/CL degree program and other distance education students. However, all students are welcome to participate, if space is available. Mobile and distance education students should pre-register (on the SuperWeek website) from February 1 to March 6, 2017 to guarantee their spot. After March 7, 2017,  all students, including Dallas campus students, are eligible to register for SuperWeek.

Can my spouse audit one or both courses?
Possibly. Spouses of students may be able to audit one or both courses each week. There are a limited number of seats available, however. Contact the professor for each course for more information. Your spouse may register to audit a SuperWeek course through the Registrar’s office ( Spouses who audit SuperWeek courses are required to purchase the meal package.

Tuition & Cost

How much does it cost?

The total cost will include tuition and fees plus the cost of your meal package for the week ($65). Note: Lodging and transportation are not included.

Are there any special payment arrangements for a SuperWeek?
When combined with tuition and fees, SuperWeek can be paid for through the TMS program. Contact the Bursar’s office for more details.
Can I use the seminary payment system (TMS) for the meal package at DTS?
Yes, please contact the Bursar’s office for more details.
Is financial aid available for SuperWeek courses?
Financial Aid is not available during the Summer session. Contact the Financial Aid Office for details.
How will this type of class be certified with the VA?
The courses will be certified as resident courses, from the beginning to ending dates of the semester. Therefore, VA benefits can be used for tuition and fees (possibly even hotel and food charges—check with your VA representative) for SuperWeek courses.
What is the cancellation deadline and do I get a refund?

Cancellation and refunds will follow the seminary’s refund schedule as outlined in the catalog. 

Is the cost of hotel, food, etc. included in the tuition cost?

No. The cost of the hotels, transportation and meals are separate from tuition cost. The meal package will be added to your account separately. 

Lodging, Meals, & Transportation

Is my travel to Dallas or hotel lodging included in my tuition?

No, you must make your travel, lodging, and transportation arrangements separately.

What are my lodging options?

Dallas Area Accommodations: 

DTS Student Housing sublease:

Must I purchase the Meal Package?


How many meals are included in the meal package?

The meal package includes lunches Monday-Friday plus dinner on campus Monday evening.

What if I have special dietary needs or food allergies?

We will make every effort to accommodate food allergies or restrictions. Please indicate any dietary restrictions or allergies during registration. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have special concerns.

What are the local attractions?

Check out our map.


Future SuperWeeks


Session Residency Dates Location Course 1 Course 2
Summer June 12-16 Dallas BE104 ST104
  June 19-23 Dallas BE106 ST105


Session Residency Dates Location Course 1 Course 2
Summer TBD Dallas BE103 EML101
  TBD Dallas PM101 ST103


Session Residency Dates Location Course 1 Course 2
Summer TBD Dallas BE102 ST102
  TBD Dallas BE105 EML105
Fall TBD Dallas BE103 EML330