WEC Conference



“Look, now is the acceptable time; look, now is the day of salvation” (2 Cor. 6:2).

"Missions matters now. It matters here in Dallas and everywhere. It matters to every man, woman and child alive today. We have a message to proclaim, and the content of that message centers on the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. We proclaim the good news out of joy because he died and rose again, according to the Scriptures. Join us for this year’s World Evangelization Conference and learn what God is doing in our generation. To what is he calling you? How will you specifically go and make disciples? Attend the seminars, the plenary sessions, the workshops, and the evening events. Ask the Lord to guide you in the process of discovering his desire for your life with respect to the Great Commission. There is an important place for you in the challenging task of world evangelization."

- Jeff Coleman, WEC Chairperson

"For the majority of the student body here at DTS we are in state of transition, preparation and even anticipation. We look forward to the day when we get to “do” ministry and not have to focus on the papers, the Turabian footnotes, the flashcards, or completing our next exegetical. The work we are doing and the things we are learning are all good and will help us as we move forward into the many different roles that God has in store for us. But in the meantime I want to ask an important question:

What are you doing right now?

Who are you actively pursuing for the purpose of sharing the Gospel?
What is the name of the barista at your local coffee shop?
Do you know his or her story and what he or she believes?

Let’s not wait to “do” ministry. Let’s do it now!"

- Chris Spalding, Morning Events Coordinator

For questions or comments about WEC, please contact wec@dts.edu.