WEC Conference


“Look, now is the acceptable time; look, now is the day of salvation."  (2 Cor. 6:2)

We are witnessing a moment in history when Christianity, once respected then tolerated, is now under suspicion and even attack. As a result, we need a generation of Christians who desire to engage our conflicted culture with the proclamation of truth in spite of the range of responses they will receive. This week as we focus on the global passion of God to see a world won for his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, I hope you will take the opportunity to invest significant time in learning about Christ’s global mission and the part you can play in it. Ministry today will always have a global element, whether it’s evangelism, pastoring, leadership development, counseling, Christian education, or communication through the arts and media. My prayer is that this week you’ll discover how the Lord wants you to invest your life for his glory.

Mark L. Bailey