WEC: World Evangelization Conference

Exhibitors WEC 2014

Connect with these intercultural ministries during the Global Café & Expo from 10-11 a.m., Tuesday-Friday, in Campbell. Many also will host workshops from 12:45-2 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday. See details at www.dts.edu/wec/workshops.

Agency Website  
ACT Beyond beyond.org/  
Africa Inland Mission www.aimint.org  
Apartment Life www.apartmentlife.org  
BEE World www.beeworld.org  
Camino Global www.caminternational.org  
Children’s Relief International www.childrensrelief.org  
Christar www.christar.org  
Crossworld www.crossworld.org  
EFCA Reach Global go.efca.org  
English Language Inst. China www.elic.org  
Entrust www.entrust4.org  
EWMI--East-West Ministries International www.eastwest.org  
Gethsemane International www.homes4children.org  
Gospel for Asia www.gfa.org  
Greater Europe Mission www.gemission.org  
International Students, Inc www.isionline.org  
Livada Orphan Care www.livada.org  
Love Is Ministry www.loveisministry.org  
Man of Nehemiah www.themenofnehemiah.org  
New Fire for Christ www.newfireforchrist.org  
New Tribes Mission www.ntm.org  
North American Mission Board www.namb.net  
OC International www.onechallenge.org  
OMF International www.omf.org  
Our Calling www.ourcalling.org  
Pioneer Bible Translators www.pioneerbible.org  
Pioneers www.pioneers.org  
RREACH www.rreach.org  
SIM www.sim.org  
TEAM www.teamworld.org  
Village Missions www.village-missions.org  
WorldVenture www.worldventure.com  
Wycliffe Bible Translators www.wycliffe.org