WEC: World Evangelization Conference

Seminars: 9:00-9:55 a.m.

Tentative schedule*

  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
CAC204 International Theological Education

Dr. Stephen Hardy (SIM)
Effective Short-Term Mission Trips

Panel of Speakers
Jewish Evangelism

Vladimir Pikman (Chosen People Ministries)
Cross‐Cultural Ministry in the LGBT Community

Dr. Gary Barnes (DTS)
CAC205 Bible Translation

Missions to Hispanics

Dr. Phil Wingeier-Rayo
Orphan Ministry

Jason Pieratt (Children's Relief Intl.)
CAC206 Missions for the Local Church

Panel of DFW Pastors
Children on the Mission Field

Panel of MKs
Business As Mission

EastWest and Evergreen China
TODD 114 Counseling in Missions

Linda Wagner (TEAM Ireland)
Husbands on the Mission Field

Dr. Waters, Dr. Heinemann, Dr. Horrell, Dr. Calenberg
Leadership Training in Closed Countries

Dwight Ekholm
Refugee Ministry

Danny Domingo
(Love is Ministry)
TODD 115 Art in Missions

Dawn Waters Baker
Wives on the Mission Field

Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Heinemann, Mrs. Horrell, Mrs. Calenberg
Muslim Evangelism

Jason Evans (EastWest France)
Mission to the Homeless

Wayne Walker

*Subject to change per speaker's schedule.