WEC Conference


Matt Mikalatos

Matt Mikalatos is an author, husband, and father who is passionate about Jesus, telling stories, and learning how to share God’s love with the people around us. He has been on staff with Cru for 16 years and lives in the Portland, Oregon, area with his wife and three daughters. His wife, Krista, earned her master’s degree in cultural anthropology, has been a seminary and college professor, and is also on staff with Cru. Matt works both locally in Portland and nationally. Much of his time is spent helping followers of Jesus become more effective evangelists and disciple-makers in their local contexts. Matt has published six books, which take a variety of forms and genres— from kids’ fantasy (The Sword of Six Worlds) to memoir (his most recent, Sky Lantern), to theology (The First Time We Saw Him and Into the Fray) and inexplicable comedy-theology-novel-things (My Imaginary Jesus and Night of the Living Dead Christian).

The one thing Matt’s books have in common (other than the author) is a desire to entertain readers while bypassing their defenses and taking them closer to Jesus. Matt has been writing consistently since college, though he didn’t start getting paid until he started writing for the late, great Wittenburg Door, a Christian satire magazine. He loves fiction more than just about any other thing in writing, and can often be seen with his nose in a book or reading a comic. He strongly believes there is room for more voices in the Christian arena, and that people should write about what they truly love, not try to fit into a predetermined mold. He is glad to talk about writing until you get a little bored and slowly inch away, making some excuse about needing to go to class.


We welcome Matt as this year’s plenary speaker!
May he challenge us to better represent Christ to the people of our world today.