WEC: World Evangelization Conference

Workshops: 12:45-2:00 p.m.


International Students: How to Find Support From the American Church
Children's Relief International
CAC 204

A Revisionist History of Early American Missions
CAC 206

Being Missional in the Community God Places You
Village Missions
Todd 216

Why I'm High on Gen Y
OC International
Todd 217

Spiritual Warfare in Missions…What is Your Strategy?
BEE World
Todd 114

Training Pastors in Majority World Countries
Todd 215

2 for 1: Giving - and - Are People Who Haven't Heard Really Going to Hell?
Todd 218

Living on Mission
Apartment Life
Todd 313

Bridging the Diversity Gap: Leading Toward God’s Multi-Ethnic Kingdom
Todd 315

Unleashing God's Power through Prayer
New Fire for Christ
Walvoord 105

How The Church Can Grow By Caring For The Fatherless
Todd 115

Reaching Refugees in Dallas
Love is Vickery
Todd 317

"Uncircumcised Pansies!" The Importance of Anthropological Studies
CAC 205

Theological Education in Europe
Camino Global
President's Room

Mission Minded? Get Started Right Here, Right Now!
Our Calling
Todd 320


Rethink: Missions
CAC 206

Is your Bible Degree Enough?
CAC 205

The Power of Hope
Men of Nehemiah
Todd 315

Training Strategies That Make Multiplying Disciples
East West
Todd 218

Where Do You Start with Support Raising?
International Student Inc
Todd 115

Is Humanitarian Aid Enough?
Gethsemane International
Walvoord 104

The Harvest is Now
Gospel for Asia
Todd 320

First Term Missionary Expectations
World Venture
Todd 313

Cross-Cultural Desk Jobs
Todd 216

Launching Transformation of Unreached People Groups
ACT Beyond
Todd 217

Evangelism At A World-View Level
New Tribe Missions
Todd 317

Every Nation, One Location
Greater European Mission
Todd 215

How Can I Prepare for a Calling to Missions—Here or There?
North American Mission Board
President's Room

Insights on Church Planting from a 25-year Veteran
OMF International
Todd 114

Using a Non-missions Degree in a Foreign Missions Context
African Inland Mission
CAC 204