About DTS

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes can I take?
For a complete list of classes currently offered, see the course schedule page.
How much do classes cost?
Please contact the DMin office for specific information related to cost.
How long is a course?
All courses are six months in length and include one week of residence, in either January or July, on the main campus or at the Guatemala Extension site. During the preresident months, students read and interact with course material. After the course meets for the resident week, students complete assignments that are appropriate for their ministry.
What are the course requirements?
The DMin program requires 27 semester hours of course work (which includes from 21 to 24 hours of prescribed and elective courses and from 3 to 6 hours of independent study courses) plus a 3-hour applied research project related to the student’s ministry. The program normally requires at least four years of study.
How long does the DMin program take?
All work leading to the Doctor of Ministry degree must be completed in no less than three and no more than six years from the time of matriculation. A minimal grade of B- must be received in every course credited toward graduation and also on the applied research project.
Can I complete my DMin degree in Guatemala?
Yes. Students may complete the DMin degree program through the Guatemala Extension.
Do I have to be a DTS student to take a DMin class?
Yes. Before you can register for a DMin class at the Guatemala extension, you will need to apply and be accepted under normal admission requirements.
When do I need to register by?
Registration for summer DMin courses must be completed by March 15, and registration for winter DMin courses must be completed by September 15.