Masks and Social Distancing

Effective Monday, May 31, 2021, the wearing of masks is optional and social distancing is modified on all DTS campuses (e.g., Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Washington, DC).

Employees and students may use their discretion in wearing masks; however, masks are recommended for specific indoor areas (e.g., elevators, stairwells) marked by “masks recommended” signage.

Social distancing will be required for classrooms only for summer courses. Social distancing will be possible but not required for many meetings and events for the summer and fall.

*Additional information on important topics (e.g., COVID-19 policies when returning from international travel) is forthcoming.

Implications for Campus Life

Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 Courses

Masks will be optional for summer (beginning May 31) and fall courses. Social distancing will be required only for summer courses. For fall courses, DTS will schedule most courses in classrooms where social distancing is possible. Most course sections in Dallas, Houston, DC, and Atlanta will also offer video conferencing options for distance students and those with safety concerns.

Campus Events and Activities

Campus events and activities on DTS campuses will also be mask-optional. People may socially distance when possible. DTS-led events, such as Seminary Preview Day, will continue to serve pre-packaged meals. Please coordinate campus events with Event Services

Employee and Student Meetings

Masks are optional for faculty, staff, and student meetings regardless of the venue. People may socially distance when possible. Please ensure video conferencing options are open to those who prefer not to meet in person.

Chapel in Dallas

The new Student Life Center and Chafer Chapel will open later this summer. DTS will announce safety guidelines as that time approaches.

Love Well Approach

The COVID-19 Task Force and the DTS Administration would like to thank our community for caring for one another during the pandemic. As health restrictions loosen, please continue to seek to do what is best for those around you (Phil. 2:1–11).