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The Story of our Heritage

Founding and Growth 

In the fall of 1924 the first student body of Dallas Theological Seminary met to study under the noted Bible teacher, Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer. This class of thirteen students was the result of Dr. Chafer’s burden and vision to found a seminary that would emphasize expository preaching and teaching of the Scriptures.

In 1935 the seminary pioneered the four-year Master of Theology (ThM) degree, which is a year longer than the three-year Master of Divinity (MDiv) offered at most other seminaries. The ThM gives all the essential theological courses offered in a three-year curriculum with additional emphasis in systematic theology, Hebrew and Old Testament exegesis, Greek and New Testament exegesis, and Bible exposition.

In 1974 the seminary instituted the two-year Master of Arts (MA) program in Biblical Studies for students whose ministries would not require the in-depth language training of the ThM program (name changed to Master of Arts [Christian Studies] MACS in 2015). The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree began in 1980 to provide further pastoral training for seminary graduates to meet the changing demands of ministry. In 1982 the seminary began the MA in Christian Education so students could receive specialized training for Christian ministries. In 1987 the MA program in Cross-cultural Ministries was inaugurated to give specialized missions training.

In 1993 the seminary launched a three-year MA in Biblical Counseling (MABC) degree program and a two-year MA in Biblical Exegesis and Linguistics (MABEL) degree program. The latter program is offered jointly with the Dallas International University located in south Dallas. In 2005 the seminary launched the MA in Media and Communication (MAMC) degree program for those interested in employing the media arts in ministry (name changed to Master of Arts in Media Arts and Worship in 2013). In 2011 the seminary began offering the Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL) degree program. The Master of Biblical and Theological Studies (MBTS) program and the academic Master of Arts degree with majors in Old Testament Studies, New Testament Studies, and Theological Studies began in 2015.

Outstanding leadership and scholarly expertise have characterized the seminary’s presidents:

Throughout the seminary’s history it has steadfastly maintained its allegiance to biblical truth. A doctrinal statement articulates the beliefs of DTS, and each year the faculty and members of the boards reaffirm their agreement with this statement.

Prominent Professors over the Years

Historical Milestones



  • Mark Yarbrough becomes the sixth president
  • Masters in Apologetics and Evangelism (MAAE)
  • Masters in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care (MACP)
  • Atlanta became a campus


  • Passion Global Institute extension program begun in Atlanta, GA
  • First online course in Spanish offered as part of DTS en Español initiative
  • Knoxville Extension relocated to Nashville


  • Master of Biblical and Theological Studies program begun (MBTS)
  • The academic Master of Arts degree program (MA) with majors in Old Testament, New Testament, and Theological Studies begun
  • Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) renamed to Master of Arts (Christian Studies)


  • Reaffirmation of accreditation with both SACSCOC and ATS for 10 years


  • Approved fully online MABS degree
  • Offered all students Logos Bible Software
  • Established Mobile Seminary program


  • Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL)


  • Dedication of the Miller Prayer Chapel
  • Washington, DC extension program established


  • "Marriage and Family" DMin cohort established
  • Certificate of Graduate Studies completion program for non-graduate alumni


  • Washington Hall single-student apartment complex completed
  • "Women in Ministry" DMin cohort established


  • First online course in Chinese offered


  • Campbell Academic Center renovated
  • Master of Arts in Media and Communication (MAMC) degree program
  • Approval by ATS to offer the full ThM and MACE programs in Houston


  • Online education program
  • Approval by ATS to offer the full MACS degree at Atlanta and Austin extensions
  • DMin program in Spanish offered through SETECA
  • Chafer Chapel renovated


  • Reaffirmation of accreditation with both SACS and ATS for 10 years


  • Swiss Tower student apartment complex completed


  • Mark Bailey became fifth president


  • Reaffirmation of Accreditation with ATS for 10 years
  • Atlanta and Austin extension programs


  • Charles Swindoll became fourth president
  • Accredited by Association of Theological Schools


  • Houston and Chattanooga extension programs established
  • Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling
  • Master of Arts in Biblical Exegesis and Linguistics program
  • ThD nomenclature changed to PhD


  • Christian Education in DMin program


  • Certificate of Graduate Studies program started


  • Joined Association of Theological Schools


  • San Antonio extension program established


  • Master of Arts in Cross-cultural Ministries program


  • Donald Campbell became third president
  • Center for Christian Leadership established


  • Master of Arts in Christian Education program started


  • Doctor of Ministry program started


  • Summer School program launched
  • Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program


  • Accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Name changed to Dallas Theological Seminary


  • Mosher Library erected


  • Chafer Chapel construction completed


  • John F. Walvoord became second president


  • Name changed to Dallas Theological Seminary and
  • Graduate School of Theology


  • Master of Theology (ThM) program started


  • First issue of Bibliotheca Sacra published on campus


  • Davidson Hall, first permanent building, erected
  • Doctor of Theology (ThD) degree program initiated


  • Current campus site purchased


  • Doctrinal statement officially adopted


  • Evangelical Theological College established
  • Lewis Sperry Chafer became first president