Professors from Dallas make regular trips to our Europe regional location where online and hybrid courses include an opportunity to engage DTS faculty in occasional small, intimate class settings and share a deep love for God’s word.


Most of DTS’s degrees are 100% online and can be completed through a combination of online courses and courses taught in-person at the Europe location.

For a full list of online degrees, visit the Online Seminary page.



image describing the hybrid class format

Our flexible block hybrid model combines online lectures with on-campus sessions taught by the same faculty you’d meet at the Dallas campus. The online portion takes place before and after the real-time class meetings. The real-time meetings take place at the extension site over three consecutive days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) once during the semester.

wdt_IDCourse CodeSemesterTitleProfessorDays and Times
1BE5101 EUSpring 2021Bible Study Methods & HermenuticsTBDJanuary/TBD
2PM5101/5 EUSummer 2021Christian Life & WitnessTBDJune/TBD
3ST5101 OLFall 2021Theological Method & BibliologyTBDOnline
4BE5105 EUSpring 2022The GospelsTBDJanuary/TBD
5BE5201 EUSummer 2022The Story of ScriptureTBDJune/TBD

stories from our community

DTS students live all over the United States and in dozens of countries. They balance vocation, ministry, and family while attending DTS both online and at our extension sites.

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