Throughout Swindoll’s presidency, his primary concern was the character and integrity of DTS’s students. Having come to the presidency with thirty-one years of experience as a pastor in multiple church contexts, he brought an emphasis on the practice of the spiritual disciplines and the formation of students’ hearts into the likeness of Christ. His pastoral roles included serving as J. Dwight Pentecost’s assistant at Grace Bible Church in Dallas, as well as pastorates in Waltham, Massachusetts; Irving, Texas; and Fullerton, California. Along with the students’ spiritual development, Swindoll strove to equip them not only to study and communicate the Scriptures but also to cultivate relational and interpersonal skills. He saw both skill sets as equally necessary for ministry. Since the emphasis of Swindoll’s administration was spiritual life, additions in programs and campus facilities served that end.

Swindoll is now Chancellor Emeritus and has contributed multiple publications that explore spiritual life and ministry.

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