After serving in various administrative positions during Lewis Chafer’s presidency, Dr. Walvoord became the second president of DTS in 1952. Walvoord, a graduate of Wheaton College and DTS, first served as Lewis Chafer’s assistant and editor. Chafer chose Walvoord as the next president because of his administrative skill, academic accomplishment, and proven character. While Chafer championed the vision of the seminary, Walvoord’s strength was in administration. During his presidency, Walvoord was instrumental in the expansion of the institution’s financial base and the campus. As the student population continued to grow, Walvoord bolstered the faculty with new professors who modeled doctrinal integrity. He was unwilling to compromise theology for academic credentials. Simultaneously, he also sought to raise the standard of scholarship among incoming faculty members, making an earned doctoral degree mandatory for long-term faculty. 

Walvoord served in the systematic theology department at DTS for fifty years, thirty-four of which he served as president. His passion for eschatology and prophetic studies is evident in the many scholarly works he authored and edited.

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