Dallas Theological Seminary prohibits the possession and use of firearms and other similar weapons on or in its property. This prohibition includes any devices that might reasonably be mistaken for a firearm or similar weapon and applies to the Dallas, Houston, and Washington, DC locations and all DTS-owned or leased classrooms, offices, and/or library spaces used by DTS for educational purposes.

Some states, including the state of Texas, allow a license holder to carry a concealed handgun on property or into buildings owned or leased by an institution of higher education. However, as a private institution, the Seminary is allowed to, and has opted out of this provision. Firearms are prohibited in any DTS-owned building or site where DTS classes are held or services provided, and are prohibited in DTS vehicles only. In states where it is legal, license holders may keep firearms in their vehicles while parked on campus or at an extension site. Exceptions to this policy must be authorized in advance and in writing by the administration. A confidential request for exception is available by sending an email to the DTS Chief of Police at [email protected].

DTS also strictly prohibits the declaration, display, or inadvertent disclosure of a firearm by a license holder. The open carry of a firearm on the premises, on any public or private driveway, street, walkway or parking area of any institution of higher education is prohibited by Texas and other states’ laws. Violations of the DTS Weapons Policy is a serious offense and will be referred to both internal administrative and external police authorities.