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Jay L. Sedwick

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Jay L. Sedwick


  • Sedwick’s passion is to inspire and educate leaders to be grounded in the Bible in order to equip and effectively reach the younger generation.
  • He teaches several courses in the Christian Education department, including those specializing in youth ministry and education.
Sedwick’s passion for youth began after he finished his undergraduate degree and was working full-time as an engineer in Albuquerque. He became involved in a church there and volunteered to lead the junior high since they were without a leader.

"I was asked to lead worship, but I did not know how to play the guitar," he says. "So I bought a guitar and taught myself a song per week. It was through that experience of working hands-on in all the areas of youth ministry that I realized I had a strong passion for youth."

He came to DTS soon after to pursue his Th.M. with a concentration in Bible Exposition and Christian Education. During his time at DTS, he attended and worked at a local Bible church under the youth minister. He was later hired as the high school youth director and served in that position for his last three years at Seminary.

"It was through that experience that my interest and passion in youth ministry was solidified," he says. "I saw that most Christians accept Christ before they are eighteen years of age. If they do not accept Christ by that time, the likelihood that they ever will drops dramatically."

After DTS, he and his family moved to Virginia and served in a church for about six years. They then returned to the Dallas area where Sedwick started a Ph.D. at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, concentrating in youth ministry. During his studies, he volunteered his time at DTS since he knew he eventually would like to obtain a position here.

Eventually Sedwick became a full-time professor at DTS in the Christian Education department. His current classes focus on the core Christian Education courses, as well as several specific courses in youth ministry.

What exactly about youth ministry is he passionate about and why?

"So many young people are left to figure out life on their own," he says. "Too many parents are focusing on their own careers and interests, and many figure that their children will realize their purpose at some point. The problem is that the lack of attention from positive role models is leaving our young people with a sense of confusion and uncertainty. They do not know what values to ascribe to, so they make up their own."

"We have got to help teenagers understand that Christianity is not just about eternal security," he continues. "We need to be teaching them that Christ gives us an opportunity to work for the advancement of His kingdom. Christ has to be a part of who they are and what they are doing in life. Ministry to our young people has got to be a high priority even if we do not always understand them or enjoy being around them."