The Ministry Formation Department at Dallas Theological Seminary encourages churches and organizations to provide contextualized learning experiences that allow students to integrate courses and service. The Department helps churches and organizations create internships for students. At the organization’s request, the Department also provides feedback and assistance in developing an accurate internship listing for the Student Ministry & Job Board.

Due to legal limitations and educational objectives, DTS does not assign students to internships sites. Instead, students contact organizations directly to inquire about opportunities. Organizations are expected to interview and complete any Human Resource requirements for a DTS student as done for other employees or volunteers.

Approved Internships

For students to utilize an opportunity for academic credit, the internship must adhere the following guidelines:

  • Activities are in alignment with student’s intended future goals.
  • Internship is supervised by a qualified ministry mentor has served in his or her current position for at least one year with appropriate experience, education, and the availability to meet regularly with the student. For more information and additional qualifications see Ministry Mentor Qualifications
  • Locations are in agreement with the Essential Doctrinal Commitments of DTS. If at a secular location, the mentor must also agree to these commitments.
  • Internship lasts eight months to one year. The length of time requirement varies for academic degrees but can accommodate mission agencies’ requirements.
  • Internship includes at least 7-10 hours of weekly leadership and service.
  • Internship position is not secretarial or office administrative in function. It should not be used to provide labor or as a replacement for a permanent employee.

Posting an Internship

The Student Ministry & Job Board helps your organization connect to students by listing opportunities specifically designated as internships. Internship listings are not limited to Christian organizations because students’ educational goals vary.

If your position cannot fulfill the internship requirements, you are welcome to post it as a non-internship opportunity.

Once a listing has been submitted and approved, your organization receives an email confirmation and link to update the listing. Listings are active for 90 days and organizations can update, renew, or remove listings at any time. If your internship listing is no longer available, please email [email protected] to have it removed or use the link originally provided to you to update your listing.

Further information and assistance can be obtained by contacting the Ministry Formation Department.