Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) makes no claims about the employers, and DTS does NOT “recommend” the jobs, internships, or services opportunities. This list is supplied as a free service for perusal. Information included for each job posting is provided by the employers themselves, and although DTS may choose not to post a listing, it does not seek to verify and does not warrant the accuracy of the information.

Internship Sites 

The Student Ministry & Job Board is a tool to help students find jobs and ministry opportunities. DTS publicizes these positions to students, but does not assist in the recruiting or placement process. Contact the church or ministry directly to apply for internships posted on the Student Ministry & Job Board.

Requirements for internship sites:

  1. Internship site and mentor hold to the core biblical doctrines of DTS.
  2. Student is involved in a minimum of 7-10 hours of ministry experience per week.*
  3. Student serves under the guidance of a qualified mentor.
  4. Internship position lasts 1, 2, or 3 consecutive semesters based on the degree program.
  5. Internship meets the requirements of the degree program.
  6. Internship position is not secretarial or office administrative in function. It should not be used to provide labor or as a replacement for a permanent employee.

We recommend compensation for positions expecting more than 9 hours weekly. Various sites not offering income often subsidize their interns through conference registration, stipends, books, tuition scholarships, etc. Each student should discuss this with their site and arrange compensation.