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For Dallas-campus students only

The Dallas campus Accelerated program replaces core DTS courses with accelerated versions. The application requires objective exams, submission of an academic artifact, and an interview. Through accelerated advanced standing, ThM students can reduce their program by 30 credit hours. Depending on the program, MA students can reduce their program by 15-16 credit hours. Accelerated advanced standing is available only to Dallas-campus students who matriculate fall 2014 or later.

Students who desire to reduce degree program credit hours at the degree program level must:

Requirements for Accelerated Advanced Standing

  1. Submit evidence of formal or informal academic education
    Formal academic education includes satisfactory completion of significant undergraduate Bible and theology courses at an ABHE (Association of Biblical Higher Education) or CCCU (Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities) school . Informal academic education includes validated parachurch ministry training programs.  These currently include the following organizations: Kanakuk Institute (Branson, MO), The Forge (Tyler, TX), Young Guns (Denton, TX), Grace Fellows Program (College Station, TX), Downline Ministries (Little Rock, AR), BTCP/BTCL, Missionary Training Institute (Denton Bible Church), Women’s Discipleship Program (Denton Bible Church), Saturate Austin Institute, and Trek-X.
  2. Complete an objective exam
    For the accelerated ThM program, students must take three (3) objective exams that assess a student’s competency in the following areas: Bible study methods and hermeneutics, spiritual life, evangelism, research methods, and biblical and theological knowledge. Students who desire to reduce language hours (either NT Greek or OT Hebrew) can choose to take additional exams. For an accelerated MA program, a student must take two (2) exams that assess a student’s competency in biblical and theological knowledge.
  3. Submit a composition artifact of academic work (completed within one year prior to applying to DTS)
    A composition artifact normally includes a senior thesis, journal article, critical book review, or a research project in the area of Bible and/or theology. It is not a position paper. The artifact must be an unmarked copy of at least 2,500 words (no maximum) in the body of the paper (not including title page, bibliography, footnotes, etc.), have been completed, revised or updated within the last year, and reflect graduate-level aptitude in the following areas: biblical exposition, theological precision, logical and critical reasoning, awareness and understanding of contrary positions, research methods, communication in English, grammar and spelling, and the application of consistent writing form.
  4. Interview with a member or members of the Advanced Standing Committee
    The Advanced Standing Committee will meet with applicants as the final phase of the advanced standing assessment process. This may be conducted in person or through a video-chat service (e.g., Skype).
  5. Complete prescribed accelerated courses
    • In place of 28 prescribed MA hours, accelerated MA students (except MABEL) must satisfactorily complete the following 12 hours: AS5103, AS5104, AS5105, and AS5106. Additional reduction can occur through course-by-course examination, up to 25% of a student’s degree program.

Accelerated Master of Theology (ThM) Plan

wdt_IDCore ThM CoursesAccelerated PlanSaved
1BE5101 – Bible Study Methods & HermeneuticsPM5101 – Christian Life & WitnessRS5101 – Research MethodsPM5901AS5101 - Seminar on Practical Theology, Hermeneutics, and Research5
2EML5101 – Introduction to Educational Ministries and LeadershipWM5101 – Intro to World MissionsAS5102 - Seminar on Educational Process and World Missions3
3BE5102 – Old Testament History IBE5103 – Old Testament History IIBE5104 – ProphetsAS5103 - Seminar on the Old Testament5
4BE5105 – GospelsBE5106 – Acts and the Pauline EpistlesBE5107 – General Epistles, RevelationAS5104 - Seminar on the New Testament5
5ST5102 – Trinitarianism
ST5103 – Angelology, Anthropology, Sin
AS5105 - Seminar on God, Creation, Humanity, and Sin3
6ST5104 – SoteriologyST5105 – Sanctification and EcclesiologyAS5106 - Seminar on the Salvation, Sanctification, and the Church3
7NT5101/NT5102 – First year Greek,OT5101/OT5102 – First year Hebrew,NT5101/OT5101 – First semester languagesNo courses, course-by-course exams only. You may apply for these exams using the Course-by-Course Form at
848 hours18 hours30 hours

Accelerated Master of Arts (MA) Plan

wdt_IDCore CoursesAccelerated PlanSaved
1BE5102 – Old Testament History I
BE5103 – Old Testament History II
BE5104 – Prophets
AS5103 - Seminar on the Old Testament5
2BE5105 – Gospels
BE5106 – Acts and the Pauline Epistles
BE5107 – General Epistles, Revelation
AS5104 - Seminar on the New Testament5
3ST5102 – Trinitarianism
ST5103 – Angelology, Anthropology, Sin
AS5105 - Seminar on God, Creation, Humanity, and Sin3
4ST5104 – Soteriology
ST5105 – Sanctification and Ecclesiology
AS5106 - Seminar on the Salvation, Sanctification, and the Church3
528 hours12 hours16 hours

*For MACL, MACE, and MACS students the maximum hours saved is 15.

Search below to find out if your undergrad school or ministry program qualifies you to apply to the Accelerated Advanced Standing program. 

1Abilene Christian UniversityACUAbileneTX
2Abundant Life Bible InstituteAbundant LifeWhippanyNJ
3Adelaide College of MinistriesACMKlemzigAU
4Alaska Bible CollegeAlaskaPalmerAK
5Alaska Bible InstituteAlaskaHomerAK
6Alaska Christian CollegeAlaskaSoldotnaAK
7All Saints Bible CollegeAll SaintsMemphisTN
8Allegheny Wesleyan CollegeAlleghenySalemOH
9Ambrose University CollegeAmbroseCalgaryAB
10America Evangelical UniversityAEULos AngelesCA