Recent graduates (limited to courses taken within the last 8 years) of approved Bible Colleges or Christian Liberal Arts Colleges can receive course substitutions for certain Bible Exposition (BE) courses at Dallas Theological Seminary based on two criteria:

  1. They have successfully completed (B- or above) a course (or courses) that covers the material for one of the foundational BE courses (BE5101–BE5109). General survey courses cannot apply and
  2. The student must complete the BE competency requirement by completing this requirement in the “substituted advanced” BE course as listed.

Substitution for these courses would result in these students being able to choose an approved advanced BE course in the same content area (e.g., The Gospels) or a BE course that emphasizes a biblical theology theme. These are listed below. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange to take one of these advanced electives when they are offered. If this is not possible, they must plan to take the original foundational course or obtain an approved BE substitute or BE independent study course.

Eligible Schools

Download Course Substitution Guide (PDF 300KB)