Course credits with a minimum grade of C earned at other accredited seminaries and graduate theological schools are accepted to the extent that the courses are comparable to the seminary’s stated requirements.

The following number of semester hours may be transferred:

  • a maximum of 80 hours toward the ThM
  • a maximum of 41 hours (15 hours in CM) toward the MAC
  • a maximum of 50 hours toward the MACP and MAJS
  • a maximum of 40 hours toward the MA, MAAE, MABEL, MACE, MACL, MAIS, MACS, and MAMW 
  • a maximum of 12 hours toward the MBTS
  • a maximum of 10 hours toward the STM, GCCS, and DMin, DEdMin, and EdD

To be evaluated for transfer credit, you must have an official transcript of your coursework sent to DTS. To be considered official, a transcript must be sent either as a hard copy directly from the school or electronically, using an authorized transcript vendor. Transfer hours are not accepted for nondegree students except for those enrolled in the Graduate Certificate of Christian Studies program. Transferability of credits earned at DTS is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Some general guidelines we use in evaluating credit for transfer:

  1. Only official transcripts will be evaluated. Scans, copies, and faxes are not considered official. 
  2. Course work must be from a regionally accredited or ATS accredited institution.
  3. Course work must be comparable in content and depth of coverage. Survey courses will not be transferred for core classes, but in some cases may be transferred in as electives.
  4. We can only transfer in half of a completed program from another institution.
  5. Course work more than 10 years old will not be transferred.
  6. You must have earned a ‘C’ or better in the course. Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit courses will not be transferred.
  7. Course work will be evaluated based on the degree program and emphasis or concentration, as noted in the student’s record. (If your program requires a concentration and you have not chosen one, please do so and report that information to the Registrar’s Office. ThM Emphasis selection can be done through the Academic Advising.)

In some cases, we will need additional information (such as course syllabi or catalogs) and we will contact you.

A Systematic Theology Capstone Doctrinal Synthesis Project is required in ST5106, which draws on doctrinal synthesis papers prepared for ST5101–ST5105. Students who receive advanced standing or transfer credit for ST5102, ST5103, ST5104 or ST5105 are encouraged to begin completing their required doctrinal synthesis papers after taking ST5101. Please see the ST Exams Followup – Doctrinal Statement Assignment page for more details.