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How this works:

  1. Apply to the MA (Christian Studies) at DTS before you enter the final year of your bachelor’s at CBS.
  2. Receive Advanced Standing for courses complete at CBS (15 hours).*
  3. Take Dual Credit classes at DTS during your final year at CBS (24 hours).
  4. Complete your remaining MACS courses (25 hours).

The equation:

"Dual Credit" Courses (24 hrs)
+ Advanced Standing (15 hrs)*
+ Remaining MACS Courses (25 hrs)
= 64 hrs total

Advanced Standing

wdt_IDApplicable Duel Credit CoursesRemaining MACS Courses
1EML5105 Teaching Process and Media Presentation (3)—EBE5103 OT History II (2)
2HT5200 History of Doctrine (3)BE5104 OT Prophets (3)
3NT5110 NT Introduction (2)BE5105 The Gospels (2)
4NT5101 Elements of Greek (3)—EBE5106 Acts and Pauline Epistles (3)
5NT5102 Elements of Greek (3)—EBE5109 Ruth, Psalms, Jonah, and Selected Epistles (3)
6PM5101 Christian Life and Witness (3)SF6100 Spiritual Formation
7PM5101 Christian Life and Witness (3)ST5101 Introduction to Theology (3)
8PM5103 Expository Preaching I (3)—EST5102 Trinitarianism (3)
9RS5101 Orientation and Research Methods (1)ST5104 Soteriology (3)
10WM5101 Introduction to World Missions (3)—EST5106 Eschatology (3)

“E” Denotes fulfillment of an elective in the MACS curriculum by a dual credit course. All other dual credit courses fulfill required courses in the MACS curriculum.

*In order to receive Automatic Advanced Standing, students must (a) earn a grade of "B" in the corresponding courses at DTS and (b) apply to the MACS at DTS within one year of completing a degree from CBS.