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Choosing a Degree

For the best preparation, we want your passion for ministry to match your program.

If you want to prepare for a lifetime of service in a variety of ministry settings, then begin by considering our Master of Theology degree. It offers the broadest and deepest training.

Broad, because it includes extensive training in biblical languages, Bible, and theology, integrating them with courses in ministry skills. Deep, because you’ll refine your skills with concentrated study in a ministry emphasis.

A distinct advantage of the ThM program is the versatility it allows in ministry. For example, while you may focus on Cross-cultural Ministries, you’ll still have the necessary tools to preach, teach, or structure a Christian Education curriculum within your ministry.

If you picture yourself in leadership, handling the Word of God on a daily basis, then the ThM is right for you.

However, if you feel called to serve in a specific area of ministry, then you might think about pursuing a professional Master of Arts degree. All of our MA’s include the core Bible and theology courses, but allow you to concentrate the remainder of your studies in a particular field.

If you picture yourself in a traditionally support-staff role, or embracing a more administrative position, then a two-year MA is right for you. The one exception to this is our three-year MA in Biblical Counseling—this degree is fine-tuned to train servants headed for professional or clinical counseling.

Haven’t read about yourself, yet? Are you a lawyer leading a Bible study who wants a stronger biblical and theological grasp? Are you an engineer desiring to serve as an elder in your church? A mom working part-time who teaches Sunday school?

If you plan to stay in your current vocation (“mom” certainly qualifies!), and long to serve God with a clear understanding of His Word, then our MA in Biblical Studies is right for you. Similarly, you may sense that another General Studies program better suits you.

And if you’re still wondering, “Which degree is right for me?” Call us at 800-3-DALLAS!

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