Alyssa Luff

Alyssa Luff

Admissions Processor

BA, English, University of Texas A-M, 2011; MA, Media Arts and Worship, Dallas Theological Seminary, Current Student

Serving with DTS since: Fall 2012

Connect with Alyssa:

Welcome! I am thrilled that you are looking into seminary at DTS. As a current student, hoping to graduate in 2014, I have cherished my time here which has been deeply humbling, challenging, and edifying. I would love to talk with you about your ministry goals, hear about how God has gifted you, and how you would like to use those gifts to serve Him as you consider seminary.

As I began my studies here at DTS, I deeply appreciated the faculty’s emphasis on the necessity of allowing ourselves to be personally affected and changed by the word of God, and not allowing it to become just another textbook. The refrain in every lecture is that we as future leaders in ministry must personally apply the scriptures to ourselves before we will successfully help others to do so. This humility and integrity of approach to ministry affirms my confidence in my teachers whom I hope to imitate.

I cannot recommend DTS highly enough and I would love for you to experience the gift that it is to learn here. Don’t hesitate to give us a call as you consider. We would love to help you in that process!

What are your hobbies or outside interests?
I enjoy dancing (mostly ballet), biking, reading, writing.

What made you decide to go to DTS?
I was deeply impressed with alumni of DTS whose ministries I encountered during college. They handled the word with skill, humility, and relevance. I wanted to follow their example and concluded by the consistency of their credentials that a degree from DTS would help me to do that.

What do you do on your day off?
Spend time with my husband. Go to rehearsal for my contemporary ballet company. Study. Go to White Rock Lake.

What are your favorite foods?
Chocolate. Mexican food. Anything with tomatoes.

What is your favorite television show of all time?
Downton Abbey

What is the best part about working in the DTS admissions office?
The best part of working the DTS admissions office is the blessing of being surrounded by the other members of Team Admissions and getting to hear potential students’ future ministry goals and dreams. It excites me to hear about their gifts and imagine the ways that God could use them for His glory.

What is your favorite piece of literature?
Harry Potter

What is your favorite quote?
“In a sense a child does not long for fairy land as a boy longs to be the hero of the first eleven. Does anyone suppose that he really and prosaically longs for all the dangers and discomforts of a fairy tale?—really wants dragons in contemporary England? It is not so. It would be much truer to say that fairy land arouses a longing for he knows not what. It stirs and troubles him (to his life-long enrichment) with the dim sense of something beyond his reach and, far from dulling or emptying the actual world, gives it a new dimension of depth. He does not despise real woods because he has read of enchanted woods: the reading makes all real woods a little enchanted. This is a special kind of longing.” – On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature by C.S. Lewis

What is your favorite musical artist/group/genre of music?
My favorite artist is a friend of mine, a singer/songwriter named Sarah Degroat.

Who is the person you admire most and why?
My husband, Mark. He is incredibly empathetic and compassionate towards others, especially me. I have also had many opportunities to observe a godly integrity in him that I respect very highly. I am so grateful for him.

Who is your favorite Bible character and why?
I love Hannah, Samuel’s mother, because of her willingness to surrender that which she desired most from the Lord back to Him.

If you could have superhero powers, what would they be?
Flying, or at least the ability to defy gravity because that would make dancing so much more fun and introduce a whole new dimension of possibility to the art!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Scotland or Washington State.