Luke Spencer

Luke Spencer

Associate Director of Admissions

BA, Moody Bible Institute, Pastoral Studies, 2011; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2016.

Serving with DTS since: Summer 2014

Connect with Luke:

Welcome to DTS Admissions! I am so glad that you are interested in pursuing further education and are considering DTS. The prospect of seminary can be an overwhelming and scary adventure. At times, it feels like there are more questions than answers. I want to encourage you and pray with you! I would love to chat with you and answer any questions that you have. It would be my privilege to walk alongside you during the admissions process at DTS!

I appreciate the community and honesty of the professors and fellow students here at DTS. Life is not always clean, easy, pain-free, and clear. I have been so encouraged by the conviction and passion of my professors but also their humility and transparency. The Spiritual Formation group and the other friendships I have formed are mutually encouraging and challenging. The diverse mix of students, their stories, and traditions have helped give me a deeper appreciation for the body of Christ worldwide. God has blessed DTS with a great faculty but also amazing students that love Jesus Christ and desire to see Him proclaimed among the nations.

DTS is a very familiar place for me. My dad graduated from here over 20 years ago and I lived in Dallas for the first 16 years of my life. (No, my dad was not working on a degree for those 16 years!) As I considered seminary education, my heart kept coming back to DTS. I am forever marked by the men and women who have graduated from this great institution. It has been my privilege to learn and grow under DTS grads my entire life, and now I have the privilege to study here as a student and work in the Admissions Department. God will use your DTS education to influence others with the gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching, modeling, and sharing in a variety of contexts. I’d love for you to be a part of the DTS family!

What are your hobbies or outside interests?
I love to play sports, especially baseball, basketball, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee. I would say reading but I do very little pleasure reading during the school year.

What made you decide to go to DTS?
I knew from my experience what I could expect from DTS by observing its graduates. I knew that DTS would teach the Whole Bible, help me study Theology, learn the Biblical Languages, and give me the skills to teach God’s Word to others.

What do you do on your day off?
I enjoy doing some reading (either for school or for pleasure), playing ultimate Frisbee, cooking with my wife, and playing games with friends or family.

What are your favorite foods?
Meat (any and all types), Dr. Pepper, and Blue Bell Ice Cream.

What is your favorite television show of all time?
Seinfeld. It is a show about nothing and everything all at the same time. I own every episode and find myself quoting and referencing it often.

What is the best part about working in the DTS admissions office?
Two things: First, the staff in Team Admissions is great! They are very friendly and servant-hearted. Second, talking with incoming and prospective students about DTS and what they would like to do.

What is your favorite piece of literature?
Two of my favorites are: Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer and The Christian Mind by Harry Blamires. I also like the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.

What is your favorite quote?
"Much of our activity is little more than a cheap anesthetic to deaden the pain of an empty life.” – Unknown
“When we cannot trace God’s hand, we must simply trust His heart.” – Charles Spurgeon

What is your favorite musical artist/group/genre of music?
Phil Wickham, Shane & Shane, and Coldplay

Who is the person you admire most and why?
My dad. He has consistently modeled Christlikeness, humility, and patience in his life and in my parents' marriage.

Who is your favorite Bible character and why?
I would say Luke (obviously!) but since we know very little about him, I would say Barnabas. He was an encourager and was committed to developing dedicated disciples of Jesus.

If you could have superhero powers, what would they be?
The ability to fly and be faster than a speeding bullet (but in the wise words from The Incredibles, “No capes!”). I want to make sure that I get places on time!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Anywhere that has four seasons with no allergens or mosquitos. That would be ideal!