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Tuition, Fees, & Expenses for 2018-2019

This page lists the most common tuition and fees. You can also find a detailed breakdown of tuition costs. By God’s grace, very few students take out any debt during their years in seminary.

Tuition Costs 

wdt_ID Degree Credits per Semester Cost
1 Master's (fall and spring) 9+ hours $552/credit hour
2 Master's (fall and spring) 1-8 hours $579/credit hour
3 Master's (summer, winter) $552/credit hour
4 Master's (qualified full-time ministry rate: Cru, YoungLife, Kanakuk, etc.) $293/credit hour
5 Non-U.S. Chinese and Spanish (contact us) Rates Vary
6 Doctor of Philosophy stage one $585/credit hour
7 Doctor of Philosophy stage two $655/credit hour
8 Doctor of Ministry $630/credit hour

Typical Costs per Semester

wdt_ID Area Cost
1 Tuition (12 credit hours) $6,624
2 Technology Fee $225
3 General Fee $65
4 Books $300
5 Total Estimated Expenses per Semester $7,200