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Calvary Bible College and Theolo

Contact Information

15800 Calvary Rd
Kansas City, MO 64147-1341
816-322-0110 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Norm E. Baker (THM, 1998) Adjunct Faculty
Tom S. Baurain (THM, 1980) Vice President, Dean of Seminary, Professor of Bible & Theology
Mike L. Dodds (DMIN, 1997) Chairman of Ministry Studies Department
Rose A. Henness (MACE, 2009) Education Department Chair
John C. Klaassen (THM, 1977) Associate Professor
A. David Martin (DMCE, 2005) Adjunct Faculty
Keith R. Miller (DMIN, 1990) Professor of Bible & Theology
Neil D. Nelson (PHD, 2000) Professor of Greek & New Testament
Eric C. Stricker (MABS, 1978) Master of Education Program Director
Joel T. Williamson (THM, 1977) Professor of Old Testament