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Contact Information

PO Box 513
Farmington, MI 48332-0513
248-477-4210 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Peter Ying-Yuk Au (PHD, 1990) Missionary
Steve T. Baker (THM, 1990) Director of Personnel Selection & Training
Jerry L. Briscoe (THM, 1980) Missionary, Teacher
Brian A. Edwards (THM, 1989) Missionary
Tom R. Engelsman (THM, 1996) North American Diaspora Ministries Coordinator
Lisa A. Engelsman China Assistant, Member Orientation Program
Jay A. Francis (MACM, 2005) Missionary
Judy Lynn Lynn Francis (MACM, 2005) Missionary
Becky J. Palmquist (MACE, 1990) Missionary
Cary M. Perdue (THM, 1962) Minister at Large
Rick J. Perhai (THM, 1990) Missionary and Academic Dean/Kiev Theological Seminary
Bethany A. Reedy (DMIN, 2013) Missionary
Andy J. Rist (THM, 1990) Missionary, Professor at Kiev Theological Seminary
C. Scot Ullrich (THM, 1997) Missionary & Teacher
Gary E. Vincelette (THM, 1976) Missionary/Professor: Akademie fur Weltmission, Korntal, Germany
Terri Vincelette (MACM, 1992) Missionary