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Marketplace Ministries, Inc

Contact Information

2001 W Plano Pkwy Ste 3200
Plano, TX 75075-8646
972-941-4400 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

J. William Cordes (THM, 1995) Chaplain & Pastor
George T. Cotter (MABS, 1992) Division Manager
Doug B. Falt (THM, 2009) Payroll and Benefits Administrator
Ralph W. Foote (MABS, 1984) Chaplain
Cheryl A. Hume (MACE, 2006) Chaplain
George E. LeBeau (THM, 1979) Chaplain
Tera A. McFarland (MABC, 2001) Chaplain
D. Lyn McWhorter (MABS, 2008) Chaplain, Coach & CSL
Terry L. Nettleton (MACE, 2007) Chaplain
Chris A. Paine (THM, 2009) Staff
Kristina D. Pierce (CGS, 2004) Chaplain
Ralph P. Plumley (THM, 1991) Eastern Seaboard Area Team Leader
C. Scott Powers (THM, 1996) Chaplain
Lydia P. Powers (THM, 1997) Chaplain
Buck M. Rogers (MACE, 1989) Part-Time Chaplain
Brent B. Rucker (MABC, 2014) Chaplain
Tony Sanchelo (MACE, 1991) Chaplain
W. James Tereschuk Region Vice President