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Greater Europe Mission

Contact Information

18950 Base Camp Rd
Monument, CO 80132-8009
719-488-4193 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Jim E. Anderson (THD, 1975) Missionary & Teacher at Bibelseminar Bonn
Dana K. Cherry (THM, 1995) Instructor Designer
J.P. P. Gaylord (THM, 2011) Missionary to France
Pete J. Hays (THD, 1995) Missionary
Forrest O. Hendrix (MABS, 1984) Regional Director for Northern Europe
Richard Alan Keir (MACE, 1997) Missionary
Phil Kingsley (THM, 1979) Dublin City-Reach Strategist
Cheryl Kingsley (MABS, 1979) Church Planter
Eric T. McCauley (MACE, 1999) Missionary
Doug L. Mitts (THM, 1989) Missionary, Regional Ldr, Ldr/Spiritual Formation, Movement-Model Church Planter
J. Howard Moore (THM, 1978) Canada Director
Jesse L. Northcutt (THM, 1981) Missionary & Church Planter
Elizabeth M. Simmons (MABC, 2010) Project Supervisor