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College of Biblical Studies-Hous

Contact Information

7000 Regency Square Blvd
Houston, TX 77036-3298
713-772-4253 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Bill W. Blocker (DMCE, 2010) President
M. Shane Boothe (MACE, 2011) Information Technology
France B. Brown (THM, 2000) Assistant Academic Dean & Professor
Terry L. Bryan (MBTS, 2017) Director of Real Estate
Paul Alexander Cannings (THM, 1985) Adjunct Professor
Rich M. Cozart (THM, 1982) Professor
Dave L. Davies (MACE, 2010) Adjunct Instructor
Nicolas A. Ellen (MACE, 1994) Instructor
Alex Hernandez (THM, 2010) Assistant Professor
Paul D. Keith (MABS, 2007) Vice President Administration and Student Affairs, Dean of Students
Izzy P. Loken (PHD, 2001) Chairman of Bible & Theology Department
Joe D. Parle (MABS, 2002) Academic Dean
Maggie Rodriquez Director of Admissions
Paul R. Shockley (THM, 2002) Professor of Bible & Theology
Steve P. Sullivan (DMIN, 2000) Professor & Chairman of Ministry Skills Department
John R. Witmer Librarian