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Contact Information

PO Box 25520
Colorado Springs, CO 80936-5520
719-622-1980 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Arthur J. Alard (THM, 2010) Missionary
Olga V. Alard (THM, 2008) Missionary
John D. Boekhout Vice President
Swede A. Ekholm (THM, 1973) Director of Mobilization
Wendall F. Hollis (THM, 1970) Curriculum Consultant
Gwynne L. Johnson (MABS, 1998) Board Member, Biblical Teacher, Retreat Speaker
Larry D. Meeker (DEDM, 2016) Chief Learning Officer
Jim A. Roche (THM, 1980) Orality Project Leader
Ronnie C. Stevens (THM, 1977) Missionary/Pastor
B. Craig Valentine (MABS, 1985) Director of Training & Consulting
Jerry C. Wells (THM, 1976) Missionary