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14830 Choate Cir
Charlotte, NC 28241
704-588-4300 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Ken J. Baker (THM, 1980) International Ministry Training Facilitator
Pete S. Bitner (MACM, 1991) Missionary, Church Planter, Pastor
Chad C. Bradley (THM, 2016) Theological Education in Ethiopia
Rick D. Calenberg (THM, 1972) Missionary
Peter J. Fretheim (MABS, 1996) Missionary
Miriam G. Fretheim (MABS, 1996) Missionary
J. Murray Greenwood (MACE, 2004) Missionary
Dale O. Harlan (MABS, 1986) Safe Water Ministry
Ray K. Hutchison (THM, 1981) East Central Regional Director
Gay Lynn McCrady (MACM, 2002) Missionary in Nigeria
Gary L. McKnight (THM, 1984) Global Theological Educator
Ed E. Moran (THM, 1979) Regional Director of Rocky Mountain Region
Chris J. Petty (MABS, 2004) Missionary Appointee
Steve J. Schmidt (THM, 1990) Area Director
Dwight Singer (THM, 1983) Networking Officer based in Nairobi Kenya
Jay W. Wells (THM, 2011) Missionary Appointee to Thailand
Luke A. Wessler (MACM, 2008) Integration Coordinator
Mark E. Wilson (THM, 1980) Missionary