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East-West Ministries Internation

Contact Information

2001 W Plano Pkwy Ste 3000
Plano, TX 75075
972-941-4500 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Meg E. Brown Human Resources-Missionary Care
Mike J. Fisher (THM, 1974) Missionary
Gary L. Glahn (THM, 1986) East Africa Field Leader
Alisa A. Hale-Ryakhovskaya (MACM, 2010) Missionary
Chelsea L. Levis (MACM, 2010) Graphic Designer and Web Director
Bob R. Livesay (THM, 1974) Training Director SE Asia
Tommy J. Mawn (THM, 1998) Church Planter & Missionary
Rich A. Milne (THM, 1981) Teacher, Trainer, Staff Photographer
Jim A. Neathery (DMIN, 2004) Albania Director
D. Kurt Nelson (THM, 1984) President, CEO
Renee L. Otiende (MACE, 2011) Department Administrator of Short Term Trips
Janet R. Roberts (MACM, 2013) ESL Training Coordinator
Alex R. Schafler (CTH, 1981) BTCP Teacher Spanish & Teacher
Dave T. Slottje (THM, 1976) West Coast Mobilization Team
Terry J. Spinelli (THM, 1988) International Church Planting Trainer
Joe L. Wall (THD, 1978) Director of Training Partnerships