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Stonebriar Community Church

Contact Information

4801 Legendary Dr
Frisco, TX 75034-8589
469-252-5200 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

L. David Ake (MABS, 2000) Pastor of Junior High Ministries
Tony Cammarota (THM, 2002) Associate Pastor of Equipping
Dave B. Carl (MACE, 2017) Pastor of Family & Children''s Ministries
G. Ignacio Cerda Montalvo Associate Pastor en Espanol Ministries
Mary Mann Dean (MACE, 2006) Pastor of Leadership & Equipping
Steve J. Fischer (MABC, 1998) Pastor of Care Ministries
Les Fleetwood (THM, 1996) Pastor of Connectiong & Equipping Ministries
Brandon L. Fletcher (MACE, 2014) Lead Pastor of Young Adults
Taylor H. Gardner (DMIN, 1988) Pastor of Pastoral Care
Karen L. Hawkins (MABS, 2003) Pastoral Leader of Community Care
Tom J. Hayes (MACM, 2007) Pastor of Missions & Community Impact
Chuck S. Hiott (MABC, 1999) Executive Pastor & Pastoral Minister
Daniel J. Lebsack (MABC, 2015) Pastor of Recovery Ministries
Gabrielle C. Nolen Fratantoni (MAMC, 2008) Writer & Blogger
Jason N. Stevenson (MACE, 2002) Pastor for Student Ministries
Chuck R. Swindoll (CTH, 1963) Senior Pastor
Mike J. Vincent (THM, 2010) Resource Coordinator
Meaghan L. Wall (MACL, 2015) Pastoral Leader of Special Needs
Owen L. Wildman (MABS, 2013) Children''s Ministry
M. Roy Williamson (MABS, 2003) Pastor of Families & Parenting Ministries
Carlos A. Zazueta (DMIN, 2017) Lead Pastor of Stonebriar en Espanol