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990 Pinon Ranch Vw Ste 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80907-3309
719-488-5837 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

John D. Attwood (MACM, 1991) Facilitator
Kevin M. Brown (THM, 1999) Teacher & Facilitator
O. Gahlen Crawford (MACE, 1989) Vice President of Curriculum Development
Jody C. Dillow (THD, 1978) Missionary, Writer
Phil L. Leach (THM, 1989) Missionary: Pastoral Training in SE Asia
Steve R. Lewis (THM, 1986) Missionary
Rob P. Lowe (MABS, 2009) Facilitator of Biblical Education
Larry R. Nees (DMIN, 1998) Facilitator
W. Arch Rutherford (THM, 1971) Teacher, Trainer, Writer, Editor
David F. Semmelbeck (MACE, 1991) International Director
J. Paul Tanner (THM, 1981) Middle East Director
Larry J. Waters (PHD, 1998) Philippines Director