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Sparrow House Counseling

Contact Information

5025 N Central Expy Ste 2040
Dallas, TX 75205-3446
214-736-9955 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Angie E. Buja (MABC, 2001) LPC
Summer R. Collins (MABC, 2016) LPC Intern
Candice S. Farmer (MABC, 2015) LPC-Intern
Tiffany B. Feagin (MABC, 2011) Counselor
Kate W. Hinckley (MABC, 2013) Counselor
Richard A. Kerry (MABC, 2012) LPC
Erica P. Kimball (MABC, 2003) Counselor
Wendy M. Miller (MABC, 2004) Counselor
Becky M. Page (MABC, 2006) Founder and Therapist
Michael C. Sweeney (MABC, 2008) Counselor
Shea L. Thielemann (MABC, 2015) LPC-Intern
Calli R. Vines (MABC, 2012) LPC
Andrew R. Yeaton (MABC, 2013) LPC