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Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS)

The Certificate of Graduate Studies in Bible and Theology is a graduate-level certificate that offers an introduction to seminary coursework in biblical and theological studies.


Gain an overview of theology and Bible

Join a community of men and women all over the world, from all walks of life, who desire to deepen their understanding of God, His word, and His people.

100% Online

You can complete the entire CGS program entirely online from wherever God has called you.

In-person Intensives

You can also supplement online courses with 3 or 5 day intensives at one of our locations.


Get started on seminary studies

The CGS program allows you to do introductory seminary coursework in Biblical studies, theology, and application. You can complete the certificate or put your coursework toward a master’s program.

30 Hours
Degree Available:
Ext Sites
Biblical Exposition 9
BE### Bible Exposition department electives 6
BE101 Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics 3
Systematic Theology 9
ST### Theological Studies department electives 6
ST101 Theological Method and Bibliology 3
Pastoral Ministries 3
PM105 Christian Life and Witness 3
Electives 9
Electives 9

The Certificate of Graduate Studies in Bible and Theology provides a flexible course of study for:

  • Christian laypersons who desire a short program of seminary studies to equip them for effective ministry in the local church or elsewhere;
  • those who wish to begin seminary studies on a trial basis to help them determine if they desire to pursue a degree program;
  • Christian workers with limited time available for seminary studies (those who intend to enter a professional ministry are encouraged to apply for admission to one of the master’s-level degree programs);
  • missionary candidates who anticipate service in nonprofessional ministries whose mission board requires graduate study in Bible and theology;
  • college graduates who want a year of seminary studies as a supplement to their undergraduate work; and
  • spouses of current DTS students who want to complete a program of graduate seminary studies.

神學研究證書課程是在聖經與神學兩方面以碩士的學術程度裝備學生。華人信徒可以 通過網路完成中文的神學研究證書,也可以在有提供中文課程的分校修讀面授課程。 神學研究證書課程是為想嘗試修讀神學課程的學生而設,提供較彈性的課程安排,讓 華人同工可以在短期內修完,又或教會領袖在事工繁忙時仍然可以接受神學裝備。鼓 勵有志於全職教會聖工的華人信徒申請修讀基督教研究碩士 。所有關於中文神學研究證書的詳情資料都可以在本目錄中或者直接上網 查詢。也可以與我們的中文入學部同工聯絡洽詢。

El Certificado de Estudios Posgrados (CEP) en Biblia y Teología es un certificado de estudios a nivel de posgrado ofrecido totalmente en español. El CEP ofrece un plan de estudio  exible para aquellos que desean comenzar estudios de seminario en un periodo de prueba. El CEP es para personas Cristianas en trabajos seculares que desean un programa de seminario corto que los equipe para un ministerio efectivo, o para trabajadores Cristianos con tiempo limitado para cursar estudios de seminario. Para más información acerca del CEP visite

Program Goals

All students in the CGS program will be able to:

  • demonstrate a general knowledge of the Bible;
  • evidence a general knowledge of premillennial theology and an ability to support their theological views;
  • evidence an increasing likeness to Christ as manifested in love for God, love for others, and the fruit of the Spirit; and
  • evidence an interest and involvement in the local church or other ministries with which they are associated.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements and application procedures for the CGS program are the same as for all programs of study at the seminary (see the Admission section of this catalog).

In a few cases applicants without a bachelor’s degree may be admitted, but such applicants must demonstrate both maturity and adequate educational background. Contact the Admissions office for further details.

Graduates of this certificate program normally are not recommended by the Alumni and Church Relations office for ministry placement. Students in the CGS program are classified as nondegree students.

Transfer of Credit

Transfer of up to 6 credit hours from accredited graduate programs in related fields of study is allowed toward the Certificate of Graduate Studies.

Students must have earned a grade of C or better (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) in order to be eligible to transfer a course from another institution to DTS. Transferability of credits earned at this institution and transferred to another is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Consult the Registrar’s office for further information.

Residential Requirements

While the CGS in Bible and theology can be completed entirely online, CGS courses are also offered as classroom courses on the main Dallas campus and at all of the seminary’s extension campuses. This is to enhance the learning objectives of certain subjects that may be better achieved through a live interactive setting as well as for those who prefer a traditional face-to-face format.

Of the 30 semester hours of coursework required for graduation, a minimum of 24 must be taken through DTS.

Reinstatement to the program after withdrawal requires Admissions Committee action and may subject the student to additional requirements for the certificate.

Admission to Candidacy

Students may be admitted to candidacy by action of the faculty for the CGS in the fall or spring semester prior to the semester/term of degree conferral or the semester prior to their participation in the Commencement ceremony after these requirements have been met: (1) grade point average of at least 2.0; (2) evidence, to the satisfaction of the faculty, of proven Christian character; and (3) adherence to the following doctrines: the authority and inerrancy of Scripture, the Trinity, the full deity and humanity of Christ, the spiritual lostness of the human race, the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ, salvation by faith alone in Christ alone, and the physical return of Christ. Students in the CGS program must also provide a written statement of church involvement from the local church regularly attended while in seminary and a reference form completed by a pastor or spiritual overseer.

Admission to candidacy is normally valid for one year. Students who postpone degree conferral beyond one year from original admission to candidacy or who postpone participation in the Commencement ceremony until the following spring may be required to reapply for admission to candidacy.

Graduation Requirements

To receive the Certificate of Graduate Studies in Bible and Theology, students must have completed 30 semester hours of coursework with a grade point average of at least 2.0; evidence, to the satisfaction of the faculty, proven Christian character; and adherence to the doctrines stated in the Admission to Candidacy section above.

Certificates will not be released or transcripts issued unless all financial obligations to the seminary and/or the student loan program are current.

CGS Completion for Nongraduate Alumni

Qualified nongraduate alumni may apply to complete the Certificate of Graduate Studies at a reduced tuition rate. The program requires readmission to the seminary and completion of all remaining CGS requirements. Interested alumni will need to complete at least one course the semester before graduation, even if all other requirements have been previously met.


學生可以完全藉著中文的網路神學課程 來取得中文的神學研究證書,世界各地 的華人信徒都可以註冊修讀這些網路課 程。這些課程所有的教材、作業和師生 互動都是以中文進行。所有關於中文 神學研究證書的詳情資料都可以在本目 錄中或者直接上網 查 詢。也可以與我們的中文入學部同工聯 絡洽詢。

Cep En Español

El CEP puede ser completado en línea y en español. Hispano hablantes de todo el mundo pueden inscribirse en cursos acreditados para el CEP. Toda la literatura, tareas e interacciones entre los estudiantes y los profesores son en español. Para más información acerca del CEP en español visite la página web de DTS en español

CGS in Chinese

The Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) in Chinese is the online Chinese version of the CGS. Interested students may earn the CGS in Chinese through the seminary’s Chinese Online Studies program. Some courses for the Chinese CGS may be taken in residence at the seminary’s Hong Kong extension. Courses in Chinese are also offered on the Dallas campus and at the seminary’s Houston extension. More information on the CGS in Chinese and on online courses in Chinese is available on the seminary’s website at and in the Online Education section of this catalog under Special Programs and Sessions.

神學研究證書(CGS)課程的目的是為裝備 基督徒有效的參與當地教會的服事,或 是日後繼續修讀碩士學位,修課期間無 需離開他們的事工、行業、或家園。修 完三十個所規劃的課程學分後,學生 可獲得神學研究證書(請上網到 瀏覽詳細介紹)。這三十個 學分可被納入達拉斯神學院任何碩士科 學位。

Course Requirements

Thirty hours of coursework are required for the CGS. Students will complete 9 hours in Bible Exposition, 9 hours in Systematic Theology, 3 hours in the Christian Life and Witness course, and 9 hours of electives. Students are able to take up to 6 additional hours beyond the designated 30 hours without needing to apply to a degree program.

Flexibility in the Bible and theology courses and in the 9 hours of electives allows students to select courses suited to their particular interests and needs. Many, if not all, of these courses may be completed online. Contact the Admissions office or Advising Center for more information.


Graduates around the world

God has given our graduates incredible gifts that they express through music, writing, dance, speaking, app building, and other expressions of God’s love for creativity.

Chinzo Jargalsaikhan’s Passion to Bring Jesus to Mongolia
DTS Grad Tonya Neal Ministers to the Abused
Adam Derus: A Commuter Student Story
Once a Refugee, Now a Pastor
Pastor Wayne Smith Leads Bethel Church of Houston
USAF Veteran Lavonne Shingler’s Ministry to Women

Graduate from seminary debt-free

Over 90% of DTS students graduate without taking on additional debt. Learn how you can take advantage of payment plans, veteran’s benefits, and partner ministry discounts. 

Payment Plans

Disburse your educational expenses over 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 10 months, or 12 months. See more about our seminary payment plans.

Financial Aid Calculator

Visit our tool to calculate your costs and see how affordable seminary can be with scholarships, church support, and payment options.


What we believe

DTS faculty affirm our full doctrinal statement every year, while our diverse community of students are centered around these seven core doctrines of evangelical faith.

the authority and inerrancy of Scripture
the Trinity
Hypostatic Union
Christ’s full deity and humanity
the spiritual lostness of the human race
Christ’s substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection
salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone
Return of Christ
the physical return of Christ

How to get started

The deadline for fall applications as July 1, for spring is November 1, and for summer is April 1.

Application Steps


1. Submit Application

Begin your online application today. It should take about 2 hours.


2. Send Transcripts and References

Collect college transcripts and references from church and others.


3. Committee Evaluation

DTS will review your application and respond within 2-3 weeks.


4. Register for courses

When you receive your acceptance letter, you can plan your first classes.

Admissions Criteria


You show evidence of saving faith in Jesus Christ in your application testimony, and you adhere to the 7 core doctrines.


Your references speak to your character and dependence on the Holy Spirit for life and work.


You are endowed with appropriate spiritual gifts and involved in Christian ministry.


Previous education has prepared you for graduate theological education.


We’d love to send you more information

This form will enable us to email you with details about your campus and degree program and followup with additional information customized to your goals.