Child Care

Child care for ages five and under is only available for the ceremony on Saturday at Prestonwood Baptist Church. Child care is free, but pre-registration is required. Due to the nature of the event, unless there is an extenuating circumstance, Dallas Theological Seminary requests that you use our free child care services at Prestonwood Baptist Church. Please take advantage of the child care. Every year the ceremony is disrupted by crying and fussy children. We love children, but we also want all families to be able to focus on the program without distraction. If you or your family find it necessary to bring infants or small children into the auditorium, please make sure that they are taken out promptly if they begin to cry, fuss, or are otherwise disruptive. This is only common courtesy, and will be appreciated by those around you.

Registration will be available Monday, April 2, and will remain open until Tuesday, May 8.

Register for Child Care

Please contact the Office of the Academic Dean with any questions.