Commencement Chapel

Time Friday, May 11, 2018 10:00–11:30 AM
Location Scofield Church (map)
7730 Abrams Road
Dallas, TX 75231
(just north of Church Road on the east side of Abrams)
Speaker Dr. S. Jonathan Murphy
Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries
Dallas Theological Seminary

Arrive promptly! Meet in the Gymnasium at the North end of the facility by no later than 9:00 AM.

  1. Scofield Memorial Church is located on Abrams Road between Church and Royal in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas (see map). Parking is available at the rear of the facility. Ushers and signs will be available to direct you to the gymnasium where graduates will meet for instructions and line-up.

    Directions to Scofield

  2. Graduates wear caps and gowns at Commencement Chapel, but not hoods. Men should wear a dress shirt, dark pants (not jeans), dark socks, and dark dress shoes under their regalia. Ties are optional. Women should dress appropriate to the occasion (dresses, skirts and nice blouses, etc.). To maintain consistency and the proper decorum, graduates should not wear any external decoration on the outside of their regalia. International students are welcome to wear native attire under their regalia as appropriate and consistent with the regalia. Even so, dark clothing is preferred.
  3. After robing, graduates will begin lining up in the gym. Remember to wear caps and gowns but not hoods. Women should not wear corsages. Men should wear dark slacks and dark shoes and women should wear dark shoes.  Leave sport coats, jackets, purses, and other valuables with relatives, in your car, or at home. There will be no place to hang coats or leave belongings in the gym.  Once the processional leaves the gym, we will not return.
  4. Line-up at Commencment Chapel will begin PROMPTLY at 9:15 . We will form two lines and number you off by rows (to accommodate seating). It is extremely important that you arrive on time for last-minute instructions and for line-up.
  5. Men should take off their caps for the invocation and put them back on for the recessional. Women leave their caps on for the entire service. Follow the faculty and do what they do (if they mess up, you’re off the hook ). Cap tassels should be on the right side of the caps. If you lose your tassel, see the registrar's office staff in the robing area. Please do not wear your hood to the chapel.
  6. Several graduates will receive awards this year. Award recipients should come forward when their names are called and receive their award from Dr. Bailey; then move to his right. The first award recipient will move to the location marked on the floor nearest the piano. Each succeeding award recipient should line up to the left of the preceding award winner facing the audience. Remain standing facing the congregation while all the awards are presented. If you receive a second award, leave your place in line, receive your award from Dr. Bailey, and return back to the end of the line.

    It is best not to bring infants to the chapel, but, if it is necessary, out of courtesy to others, please take them out of the auditorium if they start crying to avoid disturbing others.

If you have questions about any of the graduation events, please contact either the Academic Dean's Office (214) 887-5010 or the Registrar's Office (214) 887-5350.